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2020 blessings!

7 thoughts on “2020 blessings!

  1. Thanks SO much for posting this!!! This year has been a year from the ‘pit of hell’ for my family! 😭😑 One attack after another from the enemy of our souls!!! BUT THATS OK- WE WIN n GOD’S word says there MAY be weapons against me BUT THEY WILL NOT PROSPER!!! 😁😁😁😁
    Looking forward to 2020- as it has been prophecies stating that this will be a year of SIGNS n WONDERS n God POURING OUT HIS SPIRIT!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    1. Well said!!! We ARE Overcomes!!!
      We tread scorpions and serpents and NO evil can harm us!!!

      By the BLOOD OF THE LAMB!!!

  2. Lets hope

  3. Thank you, may God continue to bless you and your Family.πŸ™β€πŸ˜‡πŸ₯°

  4. Thank you. So ready for 2019 to be gone! So many losses for me this year.. lots of pain… lots of tears… 2020 so looking forward to meet you.

  5. The worst part of our story will take us to the best part of our life!

  6. Amen and Amen

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