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We are Queens and Kings…


At what point do you clean up the language?  Or, should you?

I had a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a comedy show last evening.  The headliner was Kevin Hart and he brought his crew the “Plastic Cup Boyz”.  Kevin and company ventured to the greater Dayton area and performed at Wright State University’s Nutter Center.  My husband and I had been looking forward to the show.  Kevin Hart has been on a roll lately.  His movies have been doing well and he’s really coming into his own as a comedic actor.

Due to his rise to the upper crust of comedic actors, Kevin has a very diverse following.  In fact, the crowd at the Nutter Center was very diverse.  I was a little surprised; however, when you consider his movies, Kevin is pretty mainstream.  So, it makes sense that he has a diverse following.

The “Plastic Cup Boyz” kicked off the show.  They were ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS!  The “Plastic Cup Boyz” talked about real-life stuff.  Most of the jokes were extremely funny because a lot of the things they said are true.  The “Plastic Cup Boyz” did an excellent job getting the crowd going and ready for the headliner.

Kevin comes out and the crowd is hype.  He’s telling his jokes and all is well…he’s funny.  However, I was surprised when Kevin started using the “B word” to refer to women and dropping the “N bomb” to refer to black men.  Considering his stardom and his diverse following, I thought Kevin would be past using those terms in his routine.  He doesn’t need to use them to be funny nor should he continue to perpetuate any stereotypes.  Like I mentioned, I really enjoyed the show and Kevin was funny.  I think Kevin could be just as funny without using those words.  Actually I would prefer to have women called queens and have our men referred to as kings.

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  1. I agree 100%!

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